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Think Positive: Daily Affirmations

Feb 25, 2024

This podcast is for anybody with the goal of living at 100%.

You've heard of affirmations, but have you used them successfully? Join me daily and I'll guide you through a very simple and brief activity where I'll give you 2 affirmations, a question to ask yourself and a quote to ponder. Also, now available is the Think Positive: Daily Affirmation's Podcast Companion- a simple little book to help you stay on track. Check it out at . 

You do not need the book to get benefit out of the podcast. :) 

I've also just added a tip jar to the site, on the main page and the podcast page mentioned above. You don't need to tip. But any gift is appreciated so that I can keep this project going. 

For those of you who are surrounded by concrete all day, and would like a virtual change of scenery, check out my "Hike With Me" videos...